Recommendation to parents​

Parents are expected to comprehend that the education of children is a joint responsibility of parents and school community.

  1. Parents are required to help their children understand that in a democratic society appropriate rules are required to maintain a safe and orderly environment.
  2. The school timings, allotted PTM timings, timings allotted for various gatherings are to be strictly adhered to. Any alteration in timings will be permitted with prior permission from the Principal.
  3. Prior appointments are necessary to meet the Principal. Appointments can be sought through School Secretary.
  4. Parents are to make an entry in the register at the gate before entering the school premises.
  5. All intimation to parents will be thru SMS, Diary and school website. Parents are required to check them regularly for updates.
  6. Whatsapp messages will not be considered as formal intimation to the school or the class teacher.
  7. If a student is likely to be absent for a long period of time the Class Teacher and Headmaster must be informed within a week.
  8. Parents are requested to see that their children come to the school neatly dressed and in time.
  9. Parents are requested NOT to meet teachers during class hours. If it is necessary, a written permission must be obtained from the Principal.
  10. Parents are requested not to insist on taking their child after his/her performance is over during school hours/after any function. Kindly adhere to the timings.
  11. Parents are expected to follow the parking instructions by the school securities for the safety of their children during the collections.
  12. Parents are expected to guide their children at home to enhance their academic performance. Spending quality time with children will help them to be focused and confident.
  13. Cooperate with school to help your child’s holistic progress. This requires the following:
  • Pay attention to his/her punctuality, regularity and discipline
  • Check the diary regularly for communication from the school and respond with signature
  • Check if your child has completed his/her homework or projects regularly
  • Attend the PTM regularly.
  1. Parents only can collect Reports Cards during PTM.
  2. Parents can only collect their wards from school/ during school hours(in case of emergency).
  3. Private tuitions are not encouraged.
  4. Gifts to staff members are not allowed.

In order to support a peaceful and safe school environment the school does not tolerate:

  • Disruptive behaviour which interferes or threatens to interfere with any of the school normal operation or activities anywhere on the school premises
  • Using loud or offensive language, swearing, cursing or displaying temper
  • Threatening in anyway a member of school staff, visitor, parents/carer or child
  • Damaging or destroying school property
  • Sending abusive or threatening emails, texts/voicemails/phone messages or other written communications(including social media) to anyone within school community
  • Defamatory, offensive or derogatory comments regarding the school or any of the pupils/parents/staff at the school on face book or other social media sites.
  • The use of physical aggression on another adult or child. This includes physically punishing your own child on school premises.
  • Chastising someone else’s child may lead to legal consequences
  • Smoking or consuming alcohol or drugs whilst on school property
  • Bringingpets on to school premises

Should any of these behaviors occur on school premises or in connection with the school, the school may feel it is necessary to take action by contacting the appropriate authorities or consider banning the offending adult from entering the school premises.